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Is this hearing voices ?



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Sep 29, 2021
Pensacola, Florida
I have a question about internal voices. I've been confused as to is this actually considered hearing voices in the mental health sense.. This started 4 years ago and stopped with just 300mg of lithium. 10 months ago I went off the lithium and it came back. Always when I'm anxious or my thoughts are racing
What I'm hearing is a voice that I neither would identify as mine or something elses. I have the same feeling towards it as music that plays in my head. It is simply there. I do feel its me doing it just as its me playing the music. But, the music isn't my music, its music. I guess the voice would be the same. I don't attribute anything fanciful to it like insertion, telepathy,spirits, nothing like that at all. It even has a sound where it would be quite easy to attach a spiritual notion to it coming from outside. But, I never do. I don't try not to, Im simply not feeling that. The only distinguishable thing its said is #5 and I'm not done yet ( #5 was always my lucky number and Im not done yet is definitely an inner thought. So much I want to do in life yet, stuck )... I kind of just contradicted myself there because I said I don't consider it my voice. I guess its just that the sound is so different from what I'd think I'd sound like ( man this stuff is complicated!) Usually its just making funny noises. I've always had very loud distracting music playing in my head and this voice is very faint and unassuming in comparison. Its not causing problems but , I am really concerned if this is actually considered auditory hallucination.


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Nov 10, 2019
I'm sorry, i don't know much about this, but i was reading the other day how some famous people hear voices. I only remember Zoe Wanamaker, who was an actor in Harry Potter. I don't think she has a mental illness.

It would worry me if i heard a voice and i would see the doctor. I have heard voices on certain medication and when very depressed, but they went once i was well again.

Is there someone you can speak to about it?


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May 6, 2017
As a voice hearer myself I have a set of rather unusual beliefs based off my experiences.

I believe we all (and I do mean all) share our body/mind with another consciousness, it's called duality, two minds occupying the one body, we're the driver of the body and this other mind is our passenger.

Mine talks (and often sings) in my headspace that we seem to share, without meds it was almost impossible to distinguish my passengers words from my own and because of this it had been successfully hiding from me for the first 36 years of my life, but with meds it feels like there's a wedge between us now and I can tell completely which are my words and which are his.

I believe for most people they're completely harmless and all they want in life is to influence us to do the things they want us to do by pretending to be our thoughts or by pushing an impulse or urge to do something into our mind.

I became aware of a book in 2019 and the author claims a small group of neurologists discovered this duality in the 1960's, their experiments lead them to believe that our consciousness occupies the left hemisphere of the brain while our companion consciousness occupies the right hemisphere, they call our mind the Eidolon and this other consciousness our Daemon. Apparently the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was the first to name his voice his Daemon and in Greek mythology the word Daemon means 'guiding spirit'.

So that's my belief about voices in a nutshell and a possible explanation why voice hearing is such a common phenomenon. Perhaps not an illness as widely believed but rather the natural state of all humans.


Dec 20, 2020
Lithium increases your brains density and volume with it's electric shape charge, I guess.

A thicker brain may have blocked some "signal". Congrats! I have been hearing voices my whole life, and it's never going away to my knowledge.
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