Is this considered fear of motion?



Oct 12, 2013
Hello there!

I haven't really put much thought into it till now, but I think I might have a fear of motion, but not entirely sure.

Ever since I was small, whenever I would see something swaying uncontrollably, like a balloon or a swing being pushed by the wind, would make me extremely uncomfortable. To the point where I would break down and cry or become really mad and frustrated if it didn't stop. I would try my best to look away and ignore it, but deep in my mind I know its still moving and will keep on moving unless I or someone else stops it.

But the thing is, I only feel like this at night or when I'm stressed, and usually it happens at home. Like whenever I would go to a party, there would be alot of balloons swaying, and I would panic at first, but then my mind would tell me "it's okay, Its not going to be at your house" something like that and everything would be fine and dandy. But if I were to get a balloon to take home, and it was tied to something, it would bother me to no end. Sometimes I wouldn't be able to sleep, because I won't be able to get the image of a balloon swaying in my my head and ended up crying myself to sleep.

I remember one time I had gotten so frustrated with my brother's b-day balloons that I popped them all, and my mom got mad at me. She asked me why did I do that, and was hesitant to tell her, but I said that it was bothering me. Then she teased me about being scared of a balloon. I know that she was joking around, but it made me nervous to talk to other people about it.:redface:

And I also found out that uncontrollable noises have the same effect on me if I hear it for too long. Like a broken music card, or a wind up music box.

I know I'm rambling, But I'm really concerned if it's a phobia or if its something else... I don't like feeling like this... I've been alot more cheerful and optimistic since I recovered from a terrible depression about two years ago, and I don't EVER want to go back there.

This is the first time I've ever written this out, but this forum makes me feel comfortable so I don't mind. :D Thank you for your time! :)
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Oct 17, 2013
Hi Cloudie

I have a very similar fear. I am a 28 yo woman and in general I'm not scared easily but the idea of uncontrolled, forceful, constant motion makes me sick to the stomach. I'm especially scared of objects swinging in strong wind. Recently I was at work and it was quite stormy outside. Strong gusts making trees sway and suddenly I thought of our kitchen window and if I had remember to close it properly. The thought of it swinging open in the storm made me feel so faint and sick, I really had to calm myself down and clutch the table.

I have always wondered what this fear is and where is stems from. My theory is that my parents left the windows open when I was a baby and gave me a huge fright, but I don't remember anything specific.

Does anyone know what this phobia is called?



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Dec 15, 2016
Fear of motion and sounds

OMG Cloudie! You have just described my life! I had absolutely no idea anybody else had anything like this, I thought it was just me.
I've had this issue from as far back as I can remember. I remember my parents put up Christmas decorations that hung from the ceiling and I walked into the room and freaked out, I was terrified of them twirling and not being able to stop them. I get the same with swings, I remember having to fully stop them when I was a child or I couldn't leave.
I get exactly the same thing with noises, the ones that trigger my anxiety are repetitive, mechanical ones like an alarm or a constant beeping sound, but any one can set it off. Traffic light beeps, toys, the heart monitors in hospitals that make the constant beeping sound, all this sets of an intense, suffocating anxiety.
I have no idea what caused it or why it's worsened over the years but it's so awful, makes my life hell.
If you have any updates if you're still coping with it, how, if you got help or if you've found a name for it, I'd love to know.

All The Best
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