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Is this bipolar according to you?



Well-known member
Dec 6, 2018
I have bpd, but I suspect to have bipolar II as well because I have had episodes I have never experienced to these past weeks that include euphoria and depression. I mean I can be euphoric where I'll talk, I'll have ideas, I will not be able to sit without moving all around the apartment, and moments where I have depression, I wish I was dead I'm tired and life seems too hard for me. Can you guys help? Have I bipolar II?
My psychiatrist doesn't care about me so she doesn't answer to my questions and I can't reach for another one because I live in a small city, so there aren't many psychiatrists..


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2018
New Jersey
i am no doctor, but i do recognize some of the things you say. It is hard for me to judge whether or not the psychiatrist doesn't care about you because sometimes bipolar symptoms can affect judgement. Either way, if you experience highs and lows, you most likely need some sort of mood stabilizer. I do and it at least keeps me somewhat even keeled. I still get depressed, and i even get exhausted from thinking too much, but i have come to the point of understanding myself, my triggers, possible solutions, and i try to work it out. all you can do is try to do the best you can.
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