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is this anxiety related



New member
May 23, 2018
I am experiencing an issue that has been happening to me for years but I am not sure if it's anxiety related. I have had anxiety episodes in the past (panic attacks) but this is a different sensation. There are times that are not particularly triggering but when I am thinking to myself I notice that the voice in my head gets severely amplified(like screaming). I am concerned because(exception of this morning. Maybe because I was sitting down and reassed my activity) every time this happens, I feel like everything goes into slow motion and it's a sensation like my thoughts are vibrating in my eyes causing everything to go in slow motion. Even the voice in my head is in slow motion. It is still yelling though. It usually only lasts a short time and if I refocus my activity it will pass. Is this anxiety related or something totally different???


Have you spoken to a doctor about this so far , they can refer you to a mental health counsellor.