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Is this anxiety or something else - anyone had similar symptoms ?



New member
Jun 14, 2020
Hello All this is my first post 😁am looking for some advice.
I've been suffering a severe depression - first in my life aged 52 following end of a long term relationship.
During this episode I have been having the same symptoms every single morning for 8 months and I wondered if anyone had had similar as I don't know if this is anxiety or a physical disorder of some type!
I can wake up early in the morning and go back to sleep no problem but I wake again every single day at around 9am I feel exhausted and cannot get up but I also cannot ever go back to sleep. I think start to get a feeling of my heart beating heavier and a sensations of being buzzy or slightly wired like there's something flowing in my veins and my breathing becomes faster. I usually lie in bed for an hour or so as I'm really exhausted prob due to the Mirtazapine I'm on but eventually the anxious type feelings force me out of bed but I feel pretty dreadful for at least a couple of hours really on edge and almost ill I can look very pale as well. I had a 10am cortisol test which gave a reading of 460 which the doc was quite happy about. I'm at my wit's end with it every day is groundhog Day I go to bed relaxed and wake up in a right state and it's not helping the depression I am also lumbered with. Don't know how I can help myself doc is clueless ! Anyone had similar or got any advice.


Active member
Jun 12, 2020
Ottawa Lake mi
It almost sounds to me like what I get when im dying to work on something like a project or something to keep my mind busy (I'm only 24 so probably not the same but I'm trying to help if I can) I suggest find something you like doing like a puzzle or a crossword or word search. Usually something like that helps me hyper focus on the task I'm working on and I calm down and am able to relax


New member
Jul 11, 2020
London, Greater London
Omg this is me!!!

Im taking 30mg mirtazapine since March but for thr past week I have been waking up with a trembling jaw and like I am plugged into a plug socket. I have also got internal vibrations and tremoring all day.

My doctor thinks it might be the mirtazapine. I have been prescribed propanolol to help. Will let you know if it does.

How are you doing now?
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