is this an ed?



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Feb 6, 2018
i think i have an ed
and it has changed during the years
since it began
when it first began when i was a teen
it was mainly food restricting
then in my late 20's it was binging
and purging
then later it changed to binging
with no purging
and i buy a weeks worth of food
and eat it in 2 days
and feel like i have no control
over it
and feel shame and self hate
and then sometimes to deal with the
shame and hate will buy the weeks worth
of food and then throw it all away because
i know i will eat it all and lose control and
to make it all worse i am diabetic using insulin
and end up with too low blood sugar
ive asked for help but it doesnt seem to
fit into the normal categories so im
not taken seriously
but i know something isnt right
what should i do
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Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Moonies, you can get a therapist for eating disorders. There are counselors who specialize in this and would be able to help with a slight variation like you.

Can you shop daily for your needs instead of getting a week's worth ??

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Aug 4, 2017
Hi moonies, yes I would recognise this as binge eating disorder - bed, although no one here can diagnose you. It doesn't surprise me, sadly, that you are finding it hard to get help. I've been struggling with bed for over 20 years and had no ED specific treatment despite it being recognised as an unmet need in local services and asking for help for so long. It just isn't understood, there's so much ignorance about it. I tried the UK b-eat eating disorders site but even there only found very limited help and understanding. I binge. Only occasionally purge and/or restrict. Full of shame and hatred as you describe.
Would keep asking your GP/psych for help, there are very few services in NHS (don't know if you are in UK) but depends where you live you might be lucky to be near one... I can't afford private therapy but there will be therapists who can help privately I imagine. Good luck x


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Nov 9, 2012
Yes it certainly a problem with eating I prefer to see it as eating distress. There is an atypical ED category and also a diabetes mixed with ed is becoming increasing recognised and makes ed s much more dangerous I would encourage you to get help.