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Is this a depression ?



New member
Dec 1, 2019
I'm 23 years old man from Lithuania . for past two years I'm lost extcites of life . I'm not feeling suiciding , I want be with other people , and everyting looks normal, I'm just not feeling joy . All work week I'm waiting for weekend, when weekend comes , I'm not feeling happy and wait for work week again. And days just passing like that, feeling like I'm living just because I have to , no joy at all . If anyone familliar with movie 'american beauty' I'm feeling like that guy , inside it feels like I am ,already dead ... Is this depression , any tips how to fix my mind ,and start again feel joy of life ?


Well-known member
May 25, 2012
in my own private hell
Hi tavotevas and welcome to the forum please feel free to look around and post whenever you can I unfortunately don't have any advice to give you at the moment other than keep on taking it minute by minute


New member
Dec 5, 2019
Kearny, Az
There are certainly similarities within a depression yet it also unique to each of us, with different symptoms at different levels.

I've learned to take an inventory of my life to identify a real issue that would create feelings of sadness, loneliness, etc.. Sometimes what's causing negative feelings can be close, far away or any measure of time and not be obvious until it is written down and looked at. If I discover an issue and fix it and the negative feelings go away it's not depression it's just life.

PsycCentral has a test meant to help people identify symptoms of mental illness. Try this link Depression Test - Do You Have Depression?

I hope it's a life issue that you can fix quickly and have a happy life.