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Jan 14, 2020
You are the same as me, except I have tinnitus as well.
  • There is a constant buzzing - I presume that that is the tinnitus
  • "He" talks - its random rubbish most of the time - his favorite lately is "Henry's having meatballs", though sometimes he changes to "Its time to die" I don't know whether he his referring to me, or telling me to kill someone. Its very hard to ignore him.
  • Then there is the music (usually out of tune), songs I've heard recently, or songs I've not heard for years.
It does get louder as the day goes on. It interfears with my life so much that I struggle to differentiate between the voices/noise in my head and what is real.

I'm 46, is this going to carry on for rest of my life? If so I don't want to carry on living.
Its time to die, it might be him talking about himself. I mean he has to chat shit to you every day for the rest of his existence.
Miss Confused

Miss Confused

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Apr 27, 2019
Yes of course, how do you what to do it, can we go private within this forum, as I'm not too tech-savvy, feel free to ask me any silly or serious question.
If you use Twitter my handle for to stuff is
I can inbox from there.
I've said something bad they keep repeating it n I'm scared I've got weak n I need to believe in love to guide me more.