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Is the Lithium just causing me harm??



Oct 7, 2009
I have a real love/hate with medication. I tend to take it, feel better ish, (never in my mind as a result of it), then drop it.

Like right now I'm almost at the 3 month stage of taking Lithium, I hate it, no concentration, I sometimes find I can't spell for god sake. On top of that I feel soooo flat plodding and monotonous. Sure I'm not depressed but I also don't give a f**k about anything.

My boyf dumped me last week and the stress of it brought on a high and I was actually giddy about being stressed worried and upset as I was actually feeling something, woohoo!!

Back to plain old lethargy now.

What is the point of taking something that reduces me to a cabbage, incapable of emotion? (the reason I was dumped)

Oh yeah and it could mess up my thyroid, knacker my kidneys.

I feel angry that all my National Health Service has to offer me is a stupefyeing drug cocktail, this is not how I want to live.

Is there anything I can take that keeps me stable without dulling all my senses??? :mad:
thing fish

thing fish

Well-known member
Oct 1, 2009
i'm right with ya...just got put back on the lithium and it does the same thing to me....
better than no meds at all but not by much


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Jun 26, 2009
Oh my I have been on it for 2 years and I get what you mean about plodding along kind of thing. I find it hard to get excited about things and feel I must come across as a really boring person.

I am going to speak to my CPN and Psyc next time I see her, but as I have become so "stable" on litium I really doubt they will take me off it. I don't know what to do about it


Nov 13, 2009
Regarding Lithium

Hi Jelyhels. I'm been taking Lithium for the last 20 years and have greatly benefited from it. I think that if you continue to take it, you will get more benefit out of it. I don't think it does any good to complain about it. Try to be a little more positive about it. I thank God for Lithium and all the positive benefits it has given to me. Because of this attitude, I have been able to stay well for 17 years now. Anything that helps has to be a good thing. I hope that you might be able to realise this and keep taking it. God bless!(y)


Oct 7, 2009
Adapting to balance.

Hi kevinfromsydney,

I totally get what your saying and of course a modicom of stability is far preferable on the whole to chaos.

I do think a lot of people with bi-polar struggle with the absence of highs, or rather the illusion of the high, when they initiate on a mood stabiliser.

Although a prolonged high is ultimately exhausting and for most destructive in some way or another, the energy and rush at the start is so seductive and unfortunately is all I remember when I'm either down or taking a stabiliser.

I think part of my struggle with my bi-polar lies in letting go of the addiction to the high and when I'm well, the delusion, that I actually have nothing wrong with me.

I've kinda wasted 10yrs stopping and starting meds over and over and have never moved beyond the 'trying things stage'.

Your comments provide me with some motivation to stick at this. Thankyou.

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