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Is my OCD impossible?



Apr 21, 2019
Hi everyone. Haven't posted on here for a while but I always find it helpful to hear from others.
So when I was about 16 I sent a picture of myself to my boyfriend at the time (printed on paper as he was in juvenile prison) wearing a bodysuit lingerie thing and over the last 4-5 years my OCD has continued to focus on this, I am now in my mid twenties and it's still controlling my life, if not worse now as I feel like I have more to loose.

So basically, today I went to my aunties house and was showing my current boyfriend around as he hasn't been there before, I showed him 2 rooms I'm worried about which was the laundary room and her bedroom because when I went into her room I saw some clothes piled up that made me think about the fact that she had a cardigan I gave her when I was about 16/17 just after printing and sending the picture. I printed more than one copy as the first one came out too dark and the second on paper and the one I sent on photo paper. So I don't remember what happened to the first two I printed!!

So my worry is that the picture could be in the cardigan pocket or somehow tucked in the sleeve and then when I went into the room it got attached to me or I accidentally picked it up and brought it home, then I'm worried that it might have fallen somewhere I didn't notice and I could end up loosing it and someone may find it and use it against me, either as blackmail or to break my relationship up etc.

I put my clothes in the wash and then had a shower when I got home but I also had a few other things with me i.e a box of figurines I obviously can't put in the wash. Also my mum often wears a pair of jeans which I have to her around the same time and im not particularly worried about them being in the house, only if I go near her wearing them. Oh, also, I didn't actually see the cardigan but there was a lot of stuff and at that exact time I wasn't looking for it, and suddenly thought of it just after.

Is this a possible thing? Everyone I ask says I'm worrying over nothing, especially as they all know about the pictures existence and what it is. But I can't help but feel like it could be on all my stuff now and someone will end up finding it and using it against me. Please help.


Former member
i dont think that there are an chances that they have the picture. you probably threw it away wether it was intentional and you just forgot about or accidentally. also since you were a minor in that picture noone would 'use' it against you because that would be illegal and i highly doubt anyone would risk going to prison for that.