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Is it still paranoia if you think your being paranoid?



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Feb 3, 2010
Can you still be paranoid if you think you are being paranoid.

I know I am being paranoid so maybe I am not paranoid if I know it. What is it if you know you are being paranoid?

Sometimes my rational brain and paranoid brain think at the same time and I know I am being paranoid and rationally I can think it through but my feeling of paranois is stronger that my rational thinking.

Does this make any sense?


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Mar 3, 2010
I know what you mean that happens to me. It's still paranoia, but not as serious as some kinds where you don't have any rational thinking at all.


If you are feeling it then it definitely can happen. I get it too, I've had someone say to me 'How can you be paranoid if you know it can't be true?" but it's just not like that, it's a constant battle to reinforce the logic. You are aware of what the sensible outlook would be, but you can't feel it. You feel right through you that something else is true. And it's very powerful. It shows how purely acting on feelings isn't a good idea on it's own. For anyone. They can get out of shape easily, and its very easy to be dragged around by them. I'm always falling for it myself, even though now I can say what I'm saying. It's not as if the paranoid thoughts are always completely bizarre, there's often a possibility of the thing happening that you are worried about for example, but it's completely blown out of proportion. If it was obvious for us it wouldn't be an issue. And the feelings are real, just like feelings about anything else would be.
You feel so strongly that you cannot have the thing you worry about happening, so you start to search for it everywhere to be completely sure.
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Jun 18, 2010
I agree coraline... I lived for a long long time in a world inside my head. At times I could see what the rational perspective on things was... But my gut instict would tell me otherwise... I mean situations that ARE NOT POSSIBLE I would truely belive were happening. So i'm not sure if you know you're paranoid means you're not paranoid... but Mickey... at the end of the day if it's giving you stress it's a problem and you need to seek help.

Hope things work out for you all.


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