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Is it possible to change or come out from sensitive nature?



New member
Jan 19, 2015
I am 26 year old unmarried man.From childhood,my nature is very sensitive one . The reason might be daily fights between my parents.So I have become very emotional and sensitive.
Although my graduation has completed,still I am unemployed.So it makes be depressed. Nowadays,I get angry very soon if someone cracks comments on me.I get totally disturbed and upset.So I don't mix up with people.
So my question is that is it possible to change my nature of sensitiveness which troubles me alot and live life happily?? Thank you.:)


Well-known member
Jan 17, 2015
Sounds like you are a real neat person and gentlemen who is just struggling with depression. I strongly suggest that you seek professional councel for mediction management and counseling. The symptoms you described sound like those of depression. Once you are on the right meds, you will feel stronger and more confident to face life challenges. Another piece that is signifigant is that you are not working. Men find their sense of worth in their job. Once you are stable on medications and find a job, you watch, your whole demeanor and life will look completely different.


Nov 25, 2014
I believe from what I hear CBT is the one, teach you the techniques to deal with things in a different way.
Sometimes I'm jealous of people like you, I wish I could cry and feel a release but instead for me it just all builds up, my head gets all floaty and pressurized and argh then I explode with rage.
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