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Is it possible for a person unable to work due to mental health to eventually have a successful life and career?



New member
Mar 13, 2021

I’m currently not working due to my mental health issues.

I have never coped well in any of my jobs and most have just lasted a few months.

is it possible for some one unable to work due to mental health issues to ever eventually have a successful life and career or is it just not possible?

My mental health issues I’ve been lifelong and chronic despite engaging with many services.

When I look online I only really see examples of celebrities who have had mental health issues but I am not interested in hearing about millionaires and superstars.

I wanna know if there are any people who have gone on to success despite at one point being unable to work due to mental health issues.


p.s. I have Pure O OCD, binge eating disorder and mixed anxiety and depressive disorder

I also have awful social skills and I struggle to cope with life


Well-known member
Mar 13, 2021
United States
Of course! Even though it may feel impossible I promise you there are plenty of people who struggle with mental health that are able to achieve success and happiness. It's never perfect or always easy but that's just the reality of it. It's the same as physically disabled people who are able to find work despite being disabled. I know what it's like to want to give up or not see any future for yourself, but it's absolutely possible to live a fulfilling life even with mental illness.


Well-known member
Aug 1, 2014
When it come s tow ork, or a successful career it's a very grey a rea, in relation to mental health now you rb est way foward, would be volunteering, that way, you can get a taste of, what it would be like if were in a paid job. As Is ay, work and mental health, do not mix.
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