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is it possible for a bipolar gets crazy idea and keep doing it?



Jan 14, 2019

i got a friend who was diagnosed with BD2.
she turn to 18 years old this year.

is it true that she could develop huge urges for shopping and sex during her hypomanic episode?

she doing sex for money with strangers or anybody willing to pay her, she keeps wants more money for her to go shopping spree, she started doing this since last year when she was 17.

she taking meds regularly, but keep doing it.

is it possible she got the idea to do it during her hypomanic episode but started to like it and keep doing it?

i was shocked when she agreed for unprotected sex for some amount of money. i tried to stop her, talking about STDs and stuff, but she not going to stop.
she also said this is her choice and had nothing to do with her disorder.

any idea what i could do to stop her to become full time prostitute? or before she catches any of those STDs.

her family dont know she doing this kind of things. and i dont want to betray her trust.
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Dec 3, 2018
United States
It's possible she picked up the urge while hypomanic, but that's not an excuse for her behavior, which is very dangerous.

At the same time, it's her life, and her decisions.
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