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Is it normal



New member
Sep 30, 2019
New Jersey
I’ve been diagnosed BP since high school- over 16 years ago. I have a wife, 2 kids, and a fairly high stress management job. I function well, but I feel like when I hit a stress point I crack and my whole psyche seems like a spiraling storm cloud of just... sadness and emptiness and loneliness... with confusion as to what emotions and thoughts are based in reality.

I usually avoid the dr until I self stabilize, otherwise I’m afraid altering meds will complicate things. My wife is supportive but doesn’t understand and is in a way too close and invested to understand clearly.

Is this cycle of stress and crash normal, and does anyone have some strategies to deal with this overwhelming hopelessness and loneliness and anxiety/sadness until I can at least normalize with the depression and continue functioning until an upswing?

Running out of energy and not sure where to turn.


Well-known member
Dec 25, 2018
Me too sometimes i feel like a pot of water boiling over and my life just falls apart at the seems. I always bounce back but for that episode life is out of control.I find taking it easy on others around me because i putt alot of pressure on people and wish for them to live at my standards. I know its tough when ur basic core of self being is being quesioned while others have such a stable mind. I too got diagnosed out of high school have a good family an a job n i am bi polar.
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