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Is it normal to live totally different lives in your head?



Feb 23, 2021
Saint Louis, MO
New to the forums, sorry to bring back the forum from MAY!

Usually the difference between a disorder and a non-disorder is one of degrees. The only thing I wanted to add was that as long as the OP isn't harming themself or others, it should be fine. The thing to watch out for is when you are compelled to invest yourself in one of these alternate story lines against your wishes, or if you find the emotions from the imagined worlds difficult to shake. That's the difference between imagination and dysfunction: if you're mostly in control and can separate reality from fiction without issue, that's one thing; if you're getting shoved into these imaginings or if they're intruding on your life, it won't destroy your creativity to seek treatment. That's the most important thing to remember, I think: how to balance your exceptional creative gift with the aspects of it which cause harm. For me, that involved separating my gift for analysis from my propensity to overanalyze my own thoughts. The overanalysis has gone away in many places, but I'm no duller for it.