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is it normal to have extreme physical symptoms of stress for weeks??



New member
Dec 25, 2018
Why does it seem my flight or fight response is taking longer and longer to subside.Its lasted for almost 3 weeks now?? is that normal am I over thinking myself into panic again? Ive been having panic attacks and depression for years, I know all about the biology behind it with hormones and nervous systems. I seem to be having spells more frequently and longer lasting with very bizarre physical symptoms as well as waves of panic and hopelessness. Ive been experiencing Brain zaps, like a surge of panic starting from the back of my head that seems to travel down my back to my toes, flush red hot face, eyes feel burning when closed, sore upper neck, jumping at random sounds when I try to relax and constant ringing in my ears, throat feels weird like I just got done swimming in a lake for hours, its hard to describe that one, muscle spasms, insomnia that only allows me to sleep for a couple hours at a time, sometimes when Im finally about to pass out I suddenly twitch and jerk and jump up awake and then can't fall asleep again for hours. I have random acute spells of irritability and extreme emotion that seems to be overreactive, for example watching a movie where it is slightly sad for a minute I will actually tear up, and then I realize I can't fight that feeling and know im over actively perceiving it. I have made significant changes to my diet and I know about what to eat and what to avoid, Ive been under unbearable stress for years with many different life choices and situations as a factor, I do believe I'm at a vulnerable disposition to inherit the genetic side of the susceptibility. My real question is why does it seem to be taking weeks for these symptoms to subside, and also bizarre that they seem to get extremely worse after working out at the gym with weight training. how long is this going to last and is there possible physical underlying issues?
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

Well-known member
Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Anthony, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time. It sounds like you are being conditioned to stay in a hyper vigilant state.


Aug 28, 2017
Wow Anthony, sorry you have so much stress and anxiety going on. It may indeed be due to something physical as well as mental. Are you on any medications (for anything)? Have you seen your doctor lately? I would try to make an appointment to talk to the doctor and also see if you are able to see a psychiatrist for a correct mh diagnosis and to see what they would suggest as far as helping to make this intense anxiety/panic/stress more manageable for you.


Active member
Jan 15, 2019
The things that help my symptoms are:

1. Medication. But the medication I'm on now wasn't the first, third, fourth or fifth one I tried. I had to quit drinking and drugging and be Very open with my doctor to find something that worked, as well as open-minded about the doctors suggestions.

2. Quitting alcohol and marijuana. It took a long time to realize they weren't helping me.

3. Talk therapy. Even though I have to wade through some pretty awful counselors, it does help.

4. The 12 steps of AA and NA. I never thought it would help, but it Really Does.

5. Believing in Something Greater Than Myself. Faith in God helps, So Very Much.

6. Realizing that the symptoms that leave me a pile of snot and tears and unable to grocery shop aren't unique to me. They are very common to people who suffer from a particular diagnosable ailment. It helps me to take it less personally. There's a saying that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it... Even though I never would willingly choose to have the problems I have, I'm very grateful to have started down a path of healing and healthy choices.

I don't know if this list helps you or not, but you aren't alone, and when you post the things you do, it reminds others that they aren't, either. Thank you so very much.