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Is it normal to feel so alone when your partner is struggling wiith..



Jan 15, 2019
Hi, my husband is suffering with anxiety. We have been married for over 6 years. A few months ago he said he wanted to get a divorce. This came as a real shock to me. He is completely a different person. He is withdrawn, we hardly communicate unless it’s about our son. He has pushed all his friends and family away. Consequently I have started feeling very lonely. I am missing him a great deal. He started therapy on my recommendation but soon gave that up after realising it wasn’t helping. I reached out to another therapist but obviously my husband can only be helped if he chooses to go.

I want to help him be there for him but he only pushes me away. I have tried and tried. I don’t want to let him go but not sure what to do if he keeps me in limbo saying he will start divorce proceedings without acting on it.

Is it normal to feel alone when it’s your partner really suffering?


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2013
Welcome to the forum,
It is normal to feel alone, we all suffer when our loved ones are ill.
Glad you've joined us.
Well done for trying to help him.
Here to listen anytime.
Take care