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is it normal? or i'm crazy?!


wolf man

Dec 25, 2014
my name is yosef, i'm 32 years old and i'm from egypt,i'm near to be a lawyer and my family is so upset cause i'm 32 and i didn't marry yet, here people look at an old and not married person like if he is sick or have problems a psycological problems,i dont have any problems with women, i was in so many relations before but i noticed that i'm a more happy person when no one is around and i feel so happy,my biggest happy day is when i take a book and sit front of tv or in my balcony watching the rain and read i can imagine my life my whole life this way with my cats , books, and a sweet home in nature i will be the happiest man ever if i can make this possible someday! i love my family so much and always when we have guests in our home i sit just a few time with them then i go to my room not cause i hate them but cause i'm more happy this way,everybody think there is something wrong with me and cause of our old egyptian traditions my aunt thought the devil do that to me,but i just feel amazing this way i couldn't imagine my self more happy in any other way...is that normal? or there is something wrong with me? is there anybody here feel the same like me or agree with me that it's a great lifestyle? i tried been with people and friends before i enjoyed my time and everything but it just i'm more happier away from them!! do you think there is something wrong with me? am i sick or something? i found this amazing forum by accident and i promise to stay here forever i love all things i read here all subjects and i want a reply from you guys soon just tell me the truth and thank you :)


Hello Yosef, No there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, you just enjoy your own company. I am the same and am content with being alone. I suppose some of us need company more than others and in varying amounts. It is probably just confusing for your family because they don't have this kind of contentment in themselves and need more of other people to feel that. It is common when people don't understand (because they have a different view of the world), to believe that there is something wrong with a person. There isn't anything wrong with you. When I was much younger and lived at home with my parents, my mum would be angry with me for staying indoors and reading, she didn't understand either and thought I should be out and spending time with people and told me I wasn't normal (normal doesn't exist I now realise). I was happy to read. She just thought that was what I needed, because that's what she needs, it's that simple. It's just fine to be as you are and as you say, you are happy being as you are. I know it can feel difficult when other people can't accept you as you are, but as long as you accept yourself (after all you are the world best expert on you) then you can continue to be happy being you and just know that they genuinely want the best for you it's just that you don't need what they think you do. love to you, you sound like a very beautiful person. I wish you well D xxxx


Hi ! I'm 32 and my other half and I are marrying next year . We have been engaged for 7 years and have been pressured to get married since we were engaged . However we have been happy as we are and did not bow down to the pressure . We are marrying next year because it is what we want not what anyone else wants . We both like our own space too and like our own company so in the evening we always make sure that as well as talking we each have our alone time . It might sound odd to some but it works for us . If you are content and happy with your own company then that is right for you . There is nothing wrong with you your family sound like they care but you know what is best for you . You seem like a lovely guy . Big hugs xxxx
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