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Is it my imagination that people stare at me funny?



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Feb 15, 2021
West Midlands
Why is that so hard for people to believe? I've talked to people about this online before and they all say I must have been staring first. So out of the 7 billion (or more) people on earth, I am the only one who, when making eye contact with someone, was the first to stare? Fine. I'll roll with that. No one ever thinks to look in my direction unless I look at them first. Must be a super power or something if I'm the only person in the entire world this applies to. I'm a 1 in 7 billion rarity.
I do believe you uniongard. I know I’ve been the first to stare at people/things before, not intentionally to offend, just something catches my eye. I believe it’s a mixture, sometimes we’re looking first, other times we notice we’re being looked at.
If it helps, there have been occasions when I’ve thought people are laughing at me, and it would make me very uncomfortable. Sometimes, I’m sure as a joke, people would say we’re talking about you not too you. Again, although I laughed it off, it was quite hurtful, until I heard a colleague say ‘well I can’t think about anything better to talk about’, and then I realised try to make it a positive. I’ve used that reply many times, and it shows these people were only joking and never meant harm.
Maybe if people are staring, try and think of it as they’re looking at something good,nothing else around worth looking at etc.
I hope this helps, you can see I’m not qualified to advise, can only talk from experience.
Take care
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