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is it just who i am?



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Oct 19, 2009
northern ireland
Sometimes I wonder is this just who I am, my personality? Maybe the meds aren't working because I don't actually need them. Maybe I'm just a miserable person and it's not a mental health issue.

How do I know this isn't my "normal"?

My lack of hygiene at the minute isn't just laziness?

Not wanting to be out means I'm just antisocial?

I SH to make excuses for my "personality"?

Maybe this is why mht didn't go any further last time?

How do you know?

Toasted Crumpet

Toasted Crumpet

Feb 11, 2013
under the Forum Troll bridge
I think like that as well at times

I think it is part of the stigma, prejudice etc we experience both from MH services and general population who don't really understand what it is like to be unwell, so we get told we are lazy, attention seeking etc

I also think if you have had MH issues for a long time, you might think it is your personality. I believe this is common in dysthymia for instance.

I've had MH issues since childhood so I do think it has become me. I am not sure if I have a personality outside of being mentally unwell.