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Is it depression?



Mar 19, 2010
I find it hard to talk to people face to face about my problems so hopefully this will be easier.

feeling that im useless and cant do anything right.
Sometimes cry for no reason or for really stupid things.
always tired and find it hard to sleep never feel like ive had enough sleep (though i do work nights so I know that wont help)
sometimes wonder what it would be like if I was dead or just think about death in general.
One minute I can be happy then feel down the next.
Find it very difficult to concentrate on alot of things (though ive always been like that but its been worse last year or so)

Does this sound like depression?


Absolutely yes!
Hope you can get help from Doctor, support from friends and family??
Good luck and lots of good vibes

:clap: :grouphug:


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2010
It sounds a lot like depression to me. How about printing what you wrote out and taking it to your GP? A GP should be able to help you, possible meds or maybe therapy.

*supportive hugs*



certainly sounds like you need some help with this depression before it gets out of hand,I wouldnt wish for you to have a breakdown,talk toyour gp or print this off n take it to them I wish you well jd:hug:


Mar 19, 2010
Well I went to the dr's Im on sleeping tablets for the next couple weeks to see If its my sleeping pattern thats the cause. To be honest Ive been like this for awhile now, but i reckon working nights and disruptive sleep is making it worse. So Ill see how this goes, thanks for the support everyone.
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