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Is it depression or normal teenage behaviour (hormones)



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I think for about 3 years Ive been feeling this way, but now it seems to have gotten worse. I have zero motivation to do anything except watch youtube videos. I always used to care about grades and my future, however everything just seems hopeless now and i want to give up. I have no motivation to do homework even though i know its important. Everything just feels pointless. My friends often make fun of my grumpy face, and people comment on how I always look unhappy. Theyre right because i do feel unhappy,even though I have no reason to feel unhappy. I have everything, good family, and friends, yet Im constantly bored, unhappy, and often think about killing myself. I think im worthless, hopeless, ugly, and see no future, therefore I should be dead.

Sorry for all the whining. I just want to know if this is a phase and everything will get better when im older, or do i really need help.


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Aug 25, 2015
Hi 221b221b

From what you have described you're going through a tough time and could do with some help. I left it a number of years before seeking treatment and I regret not doing so sooner. If you seek treatment for example talking to the school therapist or going to see your gp they will take what you're saying seriously and will not put it down to a phase.

It is important to be assessed or to speak to a doctor at any age and I think that you can identify that you are feeling low and low energy with suicidal thoughts they will discuss this with you and decide whether or not you want to try an antidepressant at a low dose which is basically nothing to worry about as it is quite easy to start and stop on a low dose. Alternatively talk therapy may help support you.

I have personally been suicidal before and please know that there are people who will really help if you call one of the numbers on Samaritans | Samaritans or another talk service which can also be done anonymously.



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Mar 13, 2015
Well, we're not doctors, so we can't diagnose you officially, but this definitely sounds like depression to me. I would start off by talking to a family physician if a psychiatrist is too difficult to book an appointment for.

About suicide help:

The best way to get through those situations is support of some form. In the US, the national suicide prevention lifeline is 1 (800) 273-8255. The easy way to remember it is 800-273-TALK. More information: Lifeline