Is it common for people with an ASD to misunderstand things?



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Aug 31, 2018
So, let me clarify that question.
I have never been diagnosed with any ASD at all, but most commonly (according to the DSM-V) share, and have done since first starting school, share symptoms with high functioning autism and Asperger’s.

Now, disregarding the fact that I might not have it, I have spoken with people with autism and I have similar struggles as they do, and one thing that is constantly getting to me is my ability to misunderstand things and people not understanding me, causing them to be pissed off with me for saying things without meaning to offend them in anyway.

I will sense that someone is pissed of with me (from years of practise), without really knowing for sure because I still struggle to read some people, and when I behave like nothing is wrong to the person pissed off with me they get more pissed with me for not understanding and not knowing what I’ve done.

But I don’t mean to do that. It’s frustrating because even when they explain to me what I’ve done wrong, which doesn’t happen often, I don’t often understand why that is wrong. I had that problem a lot with teachers in primary school (I got a bit better during high school as I learned a bit more).
I’m struggling with it now because I’ve had an argument with my best mate for doing something that I apparently did wrong but am not entirely sure what. I have an idea, and it probably is correct, but he was fine after the incident for a while and suddenly changed again so I don’t know whether I did or said something else misinterpreted or I was misreading him and he was trying to pretend like nothing was wrong, expecting me to realise. He does understand that I take a while to understand things socially sometimes, but he’s been fine with it for over a decade but I’ve apparently gone worse or at the least not gone any better and doesn’t know what to do...

Thanks. Peace.


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Sep 17, 2018
London, Westmister
Common for everyone I think. Like the teen conversation; Where you are? Now? No, yesterday! But I've been thinking seriously that misunderstanding. Occasionally I've got very bad synaesthesia on, everything is mixed, and I'm not sure is that part of the problem like; previous work I asked college that if something odd happens when you give meds for the patient, does it go away if you double the dosage. F++++++g idiot DID! So, was I comedian accidentally or did he deliberately misrender my message? Considering he's yankee-accent, couldn't be the language barrier.