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Is it Bi-polar?



New member
Jul 2, 2009
I have eratic moodswings.. and they arn't just for hours or even days.. its more like a week or 3.. one time it was like a month.
And they arnt just normal.. i seem to be really depressed .. i feel useless, inadequate, like i don't belong, i avoid people and i constantly wanna break down in tears and i feel so ugly. And also my eating is terrible.. ive been diagnosed with SED (selective eating disorder) so i already have a very limited diet but when im down i eat the same thing;.. like now for instance.. its been 3 days and all i have eaten in chicken noodles
But when im happy im really happy.. i have soooo much energy and i do weird voices etc.. generally im a laugh. I feel like i can do anything ... an i occasionally feel pretty..

thanks... i just need to know.. and before some people say just go the docs.. i wil.. but im scared (part of the being low thing.. im really self cconscious)


Hello & welcome to the site :welcome:. Maybe do some research; & get some different perspectives on this stuff. How well do you cope with all this? What things can YOU do to manage things & improve your life/mood swings.

I understand the apprehension with the medical profession; I share it. In all likely hood you will be given tablets & not much else in the way of help. Tablets can be a part of a solution for some people - but meds can often bring a whole host of other issues as well.

Here is a good site to start a search -


Good Luck. :hug:
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