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is it anxiety ?



New member
Feb 12, 2009
hi, i m beau 29 doing MBA + full time job. job going sometime under very stressfull environment but some time having very good and friendly.
when i do study specially in the examination time i sufferd too much and even can't continue studying normally.
i feel pain in my left chest side, left arm almost 24 hrs from last 2 months. eating, breathing, body everything is normal.
i visited cordioligist, in ECHO dr got that i have a very rar problem in airotic volve which is not harmfull. according to doctor the pain is not due to this aerotic volv problem. doctor suggest me some medicines of stess, etc.

i want to know is the pain becuase of anxiety?
is anxiety can also create such situation ?

reply plzz!!


Anxiety can cause such symptoms but so can posture etc. You need to talk to your GP because no one on here is qualified to diagnose you and even if they were diagnosis is not possible over the internet.


New member
Feb 12, 2009
Tnx for the response,
i wanna know the general causes of anxiety and if yes its bkoz of anxiety what would be your advice for me?
also advice me, is study also the casue of such situation ?


I'm sorry but I couldn't say whether you anxiety, if that is what it is, is caused by study. That's something for your GP and you to talk about. I have said that no one here can diagnose illness on here in my last post.


Apr 14, 2009
Stress and physical pain

Interesting post. Thank you for raising it.

As a former MBA graduate I am fully aware of the mental and emotional stresses you are referring to.

My own experience is that the mind can block out pain that is there by focusing on other matters. However if the pain is strong enough it will GRAB OUR ATTENTION.

You may want to consider following :

1) Is the stress of doing an MBA and working full time not possibly some kind of addiction ?

2) The motive for doing post graduate education is often ego based ( I want to be a manager, I want to feel good about myself, I want to get praise from my father ) .

So what is your motive for putting yourself under all this pressure?

3) Whether you continue to do an MBA or not...I would like to recommend you consider learning to do meditation. Buddhist meditation has been helpful myself learn to deal with a busy mind syndrom.

Take care. Be well.

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