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Is it anxiety, autism or something else?



Nov 23, 2018
I find myself stressed in certain situations that causes a lot of noises. Family get-togethers, crowded rooms or getting yelled at or when I'm around people who argue or just talk really loud at one another. I love my family but if there's a lot of people in the room, talking to each other at the same time, I'm overwhelmed and want to get out and go into a quiet room for quite a while to just take a break from all the noises and stimulation. People eating, walking around all over the house, doing stuff, talking all at the same time and I have a hard time deciding which conversations to listen to and it's hard to focus on just one conversation. But I know I also get very stressed if I'm yelled at or if others are arguing loudly that I just want to escape. I prefer to be in a house by myself because even I'll get annoyed if I'm trying to do something like watch TV and someone's vacuuming in another room or just simply doing something in another room that's noise like running the water or opening a drawer and closing it again etc...

Sound familar?


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Aug 30, 2021
I have I think almost the same thing happening to me. My therapist suspects that it is autism. I'm still very lost myself but I do recommend you to go talk to someone.

Might be nice for both of us that we're not alone in this💖


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Jun 26, 2016
sillyville, USA
I dont know if its autism, but my son has autism and he is very sensitive to noises


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Mar 29, 2021
Noise phobia is very common. I got it but meditation has helped.

If you also sensitive to smells and bright lights, then you may well have autism. Therapy can help deal with it. Having autism don't mean you can't have a fulfilling life
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