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Is it a Flashback?



Apr 18, 2021
I have been experiencing something I think may be flashbacks? I am having a difficult time understanding if they are flashbacks or just me being dramatic. I don't even know if the experience could be considered traumatic at all.

TW: Suicideal Thoughts and "Flashbacks"

Almost two years ago now, I was experiencing suicidal thoughts and idealization to the very extreme. I won't go very in detail, but I was in a football stadium with a group of people I was very close too. I had decided that I was going to kill myself that night. I just wanted someone I loved to be there with me before I went. I was left alone in that football stadium on a freezing cold November night.

There are certain songs and also just the mention of suicide often sends me into a sort of trance. My vision gets layered and I start to feel the chilly night air. The blanket I had with me that gave me no warmth, I can feel it's softness. I feel isolated, alone, cold. I can see all of my friends 3 rows infront of me, talking and enjoying life. I can see my knees, shaking from the cold and anxiety. I can see and hear and feel everything.

But I didn't end up doing it that night. I was so tired and exhausted that night that I passed out as soon as I came home. Why do I keep going back? Is this what I think it is? Was it truly that traumatic? Is it trauma at all?


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Aug 30, 2021
Possibly it left the remains of the state you were in at that time, when you become close to a similar state, the mind can transfer to the previously known state of being when it happened.
I'm not a psychologist, but have learned alot about psychology, and the thought that you somehow have a trigger to an "anchored" state.

If you do a bit of research on anchoring states, it will be well worth while.

Imagine if you will, a state of absolute peacefulness, absolute relaxation and being at ease with yourself.
Imagine how it feels, what things look like in brighter colours and a vivid imagination, what can be smelled, tasted, felt, seen and heard when in that wonderful state of tranquility...

Now when you reach that in your imagination, and it feels so good and you want it to stay, hold a thumb and finger together and squeeze firmly.
Think that tranquil thought, feel the peace, smell the freshness, hear the peace and see the light of a better day, now squeeze that finger and thumb.

Repeat that several times, at the peak moment where you are most content, squeeze the finger and thumb.

Your mind will pick up on the fact, that when you feel as good as that, and you squeeze you finger and thumb, the mind knows that's how you wish to feel.

It's called anchoring states, used in Hypnosis, psychology, NLP, Timeline therapy, and it works.

All you can do is give it a go, nothing to lose

Enjoy and bliss out my friend.

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