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Is Hearing Voices "Normal"



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May 28, 2008
I have read on another site that some people say that hearing voices is a normal thing and not a symptom of mental illness.

I hear 2 male voices that command me to do things like self-harm and kill myself, they also tell me that the goverment are stalking me and inserting mind control drugs into my medication. Having read that this is a part of being normal i think i am going to confront my pdoc as he is insisting on me taking medication or else, i don't want to take them cos i know i don't need them.

Is hearing voices normal? Any one know?


People do indeed hear voices; & they are not a problem to some of them. I think the gauge is whether these symptoms or experiences cause distress. If they do; then they need to be addressed; ways need to be found to better deal with what we experience that causes distress. If distress is not caused; then where is the problem? The main intervention in distressing mental symptoms is medication management; although it is by far not the only means or effective treatment.




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May 28, 2008
Hi i had a look at that link. They seem to be talking about internal voices rather that external ones. Mine are external and always from behind me. Is that the same thing, i would be interested to know. I have tried for years to get rid of them but even with anti-pychotic they don't go away. When i am under stress, like being outside my home they are very vocal and less vocal when in my home unless i am really unwell and phychotic.

Makes me wonder if it is really a help to take the anti-pychotic medication(quertipine 600mg)


From what I have read; I have heard that some people hear external voices; which are kind & supportive - they are not bothered by them. Rufus May uses techniques to speak directly with the voices; to find the deeper psychological reasons as to why they are there. The voice hearers network acknowledge that what people are experiencing is real to them; & in speaking openly about their experiences; many people do find healing & ways of coping with these experiences.

I have heard external voices on occasion. It isn't my main thing. I get highly complex delusional ideas. When I stop meds I quickly go into an inner world; detached from anything external; & with increasing anxiety become paranoid.

I don't think the tablets have done me good long term. If you are going to try a reduction; go very slowly & get support. I have found Reiki & other alternative healing practises to be beneficial.
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