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Is he messing with my head? Very confused and depressed! Please help :(



Aug 19, 2013
Is he messing with my head? Very confused and depressed! Please help :(

This guy Jake works for my dad's construction company. He got very close to our family, my dad is a very caring person and kinda took him under his wing cause Jake lost his dad to cancer 3 years ago and his dad did cocaine, and was a alcoholic so he found a father figure in my dad cause my dad never did drugs and loves his family and cares for people. My dad invited Jake to alot of events with us and Jake would even call him dad and he would say things here and there like "C'mon Bob i'm your son" We thought nothing of it, and he started to be come obesessed with me. He was constantly trying to date me, have sex with me, kiss me and so on, and I told him I just want to be friends I am not looking for a hookup or a boyfriend. Cause I am 20 years old with no friends, all I have are aquaintenaces, but Jake set the bar in the sense that I loved being around him and hanging out with him! For the first time I was happy to be around someone like Jake, and was having so much fun with him, and because of my desperation that forced me to overlook the odd obsessive behavior he portrayed with me.

Well my dad said he didn't need him for Saturday for a job and Jake flipped out he said "I hate your f**kin guts!" "That is the final straw I am never working for you again" "I hope you f**kin die!" "I thought you were my friend how could you do this to me?"
We all were shocked! My dad just didn't need him for 1 day and he flips like that? My dad said he needed him for monday and the rest of next week, my dad wasn't firing him. Jake texted my brother and said "I have hurt feelings, I thought your dad was my friend, how could he do this to me?" "I want nothing to do with him" "I hope he dies" He even defriended my mom on facebook, when my mom was the one being neutral and nice through the situation, but yet he deletes her? I was waiting for him to viciously text me, but he texted me Sunday the next day and this is what he said.

Jake: Your daughter, shut the f**k up you piece of s**t. all you did was donate your sperm, you did nothing, youre useless! You are so f**kin useless and I hate you!

Jake: How do I respond to that?

Me: Who said that to you?
jAKE: Lacy, lol (his ex)
Me: Oh lol I would say this "I proven myself as a father and my priority is my daughter. The name calling is immature and we should be civil towards each other for the sake of our daughter, and it's a matter of opinion if someone is useless, not facts. So please be mature for the sake of our daughter."

He didn't respond, then the next day he spoke to one of my dad's workers saying how much he hates my dad and he said "I am done with the Smiths" "I should have never been involved with them" "F them" Then my brother said he went on his facebook and saw that Jake posted "I hope you die a million ways you piece of s**t" That is clearly directed towards my dad. He texts me though again 3 hours later.

Jake: do you think I should copy and paste that or put that into my own words? lol
Me: I would say it's you. The point is you have to respond civilly and not irrational cause anytime when someone is irrational you be rational. Dont give her what she wants! She wants to get a rise out of you! do the opposite and she'll be stumped

Jake: I have done that many times and she doesn't get stumped she just gets angrier lol
Me: Well that proves right there that she is stumped cause she gets angrier, think about it if you give her what she wants then and she is not as angry then she got what she wanted.

He didn't respond, but my question is why is he messing with my head? If he is done with the Smiths then why is he texting me? Is he trying to see if I am mad? Well I am! But I am not gonna let him see that cause I don't want to give him satisfaction. What do you think about all of this? Also I am extremely depressed cause I really liked Jake and thought of him as a friend, and I am so upset he did a 180 on us. Any thoughts? Thank you so much!!!


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Aug 13, 2013
im gone take care email if you want its in my prof
there's a heard one

me blok one Facebook

if cell phone is fancy block him

your just feeding encouraging by always talking and answering

he said fuck off to your fam and majorly bashed your dad and you never were boy girl

so cut off stop feeding what hes looking for

some cells have ringers for every caller put one to let you know ignore the text or call

it may be hard but disrespect your fam that bad i would never tolerate let alone keep talking

think it over whats your answer what do you want mine are my actions suggestions

it comes to you and the action you want when you clear your mind and decide your action

i know you can do it and get through this you got support and help here or i can come kick his ass for you llmao i forgot im to disabled to whoop ass anymore

good luck
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