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Is bad luck real? Please be honest here



Well-known member
Mar 31, 2019
South Carolina
There’s so much shit for me to get into that I could write an entire novel about how much bad shit has happened just recently alone, so I’m just gonna deal with what happened tonight so far.

The way things happen is that they always occur frequently, often at the worst times. For example, if I’m outside at night trying to enjoy some quiet or alone by myself, there will be planes going through the sky, if not that it’ll be somebody coming out, if not that it’ll be some of the neighborhood dogs barking, if not that, it’ll be something else. Throughout the daytime it’s like this too. If I’m inside and I’m trying to sleep or enjoy myself, I’ll start itching non-stop, I’ll have anxiety flare-ups, and other things can happen too. Like I said, it tends to happen frequently often at the worst times. But the difference is that I used to be able to get quiet and peace of mind often just about everyday, but now I can’t even get that. It goes back very far too when my life began to change for the worst back in 2011.


Active member
Apr 22, 2019
No I think its a mindset. The world is chaotic and random I'm afraid. When we are anxious we see things that others don't see and feel things that others don't feel. Do you get 'good luck' too?