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Is anyone familiar with Restrictive Food Intake Disorder? Xmas dinner



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Oct 31, 2019
Normally I post on other my depression which is always worse in the winter and can seesaw for 2/3 weeks here 1 weeks fine and back again.

I've been reading about some other issues that may affect me... I still think Asperger's is on the cards and possibly led to the depression and anxiety.

Restrictive food intake disorder is a relatively new condition to be acknowledged I think. But my dietry habits have been a problem for years. Spending Christmas at dinner with family again sent me into extreme discomfort. I sat at the table trying not to be sick due to what I see as cross contamination... My plate empty. I was distressed and getting very anxious. And of course it raises questions, hearing family members talk about me, appearing rude or ungrateful. I've got tactics to dim my really bad issues now (physically being sick) hold a strong coffee under my nose don't look at the food either but even then I still struggle with group meals, events weddings. I literally have to make myself dinner in the morning before a wedding.

Does anyone else understand?

Note: I probably only eat a few different dishes but sometimes fear the more I think about this the worse it gets. But everyone keeps reminding me, I'm being wierd.