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is anyone afraid of new situations


triple x

Active member
Nov 3, 2009
i went to candle party 2nite and only because i only ken'd two people and it was a new house. i was quiet and scared, i am not like this when i am with my friends. it now means i dont go to new houses and if i do i am very uneasy i wont go out to the shops unless i ken it or wen i am with someone.

any advice please i wanna be able to go to new places with out worryig


Well-known member
Founding Member
May 12, 2008
same as me triplex i usually need a good drink first! its best to just try and switch off and keep talking! thats me anyway!:eek:
constantly numb

constantly numb

Well-known member
Nov 22, 2009

i hate new places. i get really quiet and uncomfortable
i also hate change id rather things stay the same than even get better sometimes

but i just push my self to do it and after a while it gets better
do one thing a day that scares you right?

my driving instructor talked me into giving a question and answer at the end of her presentation today i was totaly shaking wile i was doing it but i felt on top of the world after.

hope this helped x


expect the expected

shyness is nice blah blah blah

i don't think people are more anxious now than they ever were. more that we seem to focus more on anxieties than we ever did. these are very self-conscious times.

but in psychology they say you can actually determine how you react by your priorly imagining your negative reaction. you effectively write the script to your own downfall...

the trick is to get into the habit of tearing up these habitual scripts and instead creatively imagining positive ones in which you are positively reacting...

it doesn't work over night but you should try it... it's a trick that's like an ace with sports psychologists....

and it's something that features big in CBT....