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irrational urges, meds & 24 hrs



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Oct 30, 2010
Bristol TN
I do not hear voices per se, but a few times in my life I have had intrusive & incessant thoughts that are very dangerous. The usual has been to be pelted with the word suicide. Yesterday it was an urge..to overdose. It wasn't going to leave me alone. I know this from experience. It needs medical intervention. I have posted before about my struggles with my drs regarding klonopin. I have been titrated down far too rapidly. So, yesterday I took what was needed to stop this in my head and be damned the lowly amount I was supposed to take in a day. I know what I need. Within an hour, the unwanted urges stopped. But I was very alarmed this morning when I got up with only 3 hours sleep. Again I took what I needed and went back to bed and slept. 24 hours after the beginning of this horror, I feel just fine again. like my healthy self.
I left a message on this answering service yesterday and then called and talked to the office manager today.
The difference is so stark, my friends can see it the minute they come in my door. And, like me, they cannot understand why my drs would make me so very sick. I have compromised as much and further than I can. They need to get into reality. Their oath says to first do no harm.


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Apr 24, 2021
Oh, I am so sorry you are still struggling with this. You really need to let them know just how serious this is, don't mince words at all. I went through this and it can be really dangerous, so please keep on top of them and if they don't respond, try to get in with someone else. It is a really, really hard addiction to get through, and like I told you, my shrink who treats addiction could not believe how quickly they were trying to mess w mine, let me finally go at my own pace. It absolutely can be done, but it has to be very slow and you have to let them know you are having these thoughts. Please message me if you want to. Hang in there--it doesn't have to be this bad if you can get an addiction shrink, someone who actually gets it. Keep us posted if you can please.
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