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involuntary shouting out



New member
Dec 10, 2008
hope i'm in the forum for this, if not please moderate.

i've had depression for past ten years where i was originally treated at first with meds for several years then counselling and CT. currently not seeing anyone or taking any meds (although i can still request help if needed). still have ups and downs but i think i've learnt to deal with that part.
my current problem is that especially when i'm alone in the house, i tend to shout out words, some not very nice. this tends to happen when i think back to an event such as a conversation or something i did in other peoples company, recently or long in the past. i just started voluntary work which involves attending social events mainly for fund raising and when i come home afterwards i keep thinking back at conversations or things i did while i was there and keep shouting out repeatedly.
this is becoming a bit of a problem as my wife is getting annoyed because i have been waking up in the early ours and doing it which in turn wakes her up.
i tried mentioning this to doctors and other professionals in the past but they seem to be dismissive about this. the only time that a doctor gave me answer about it, she said that it was some kind of anger built up inside me.
i was wondering if anyone else suffers from this, if there is any treatment or even any advice.


New member
Jul 29, 2011
Me Too!!

I do exactly the same thing so you are not alone :p