Intrusive Thoughts?



Jun 2, 2019
United States
Does any one else experience anxiety around their partner? Sometimes when he’s away I feel fine. I don’t have anxiety. I still have these thoughts about if I love him or not. I still have compulsions. But I sometimes want him to go away so I can not have the anxiety and obsessions I have around him. I want to be alone. I don’t always have intense anxiety around him after exposing myself to him for awhile. But I find comfort being completely and utterly alone. It makes me think I don’t really love him. Which is distressing. Sometimes when I’m alone I just cry hysterically and feel ashamed and wish all of this would ago away. Other times though, I feel nothing. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for about three years now. But was told I sounded like I had OCD tendencies? I’ve been relatively stable on medication until the end of 2018. I came off of abilify because of weight gain. I thought taking my Prozac would be fine. It causes mania but I’m not reckless while manic I guess. Idk it sounds stupid saying it out loud. I started to take my Prozac maybe every three to five days. Idk it was just when I happen to think about it. 40mg. But I started taking 40mg full time again. But the third day I had severe intrusive thoughts. Panic inducing thoughts. Has anyone else experienced this? I have high anxiety around these obsessive thoughts and sometimes I just cry hysterically when I’m not obsessing. Other times I feel nothing and my mind is completely blank.