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intrusive thoughts



New member
Jul 27, 2017
so i have intrusive thoughts and its hard to get past them so right now im struggling with it the problem is i try to think of naked guys or guys i like but the intrusive thoughts get in the way so im finding it hard to picture guys naked or if i do they change into the thoughts what should i do


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Intrusive thoughts are awful aren't they? I do sympathise with you. Its about making a new "rut" in your brain which avoids them. So when I get them, I name the emotion that goes with them eg "anxiety" or "anger" etc. Its quite hard at first to find out which emotion is triggered but with practise you can do it.

Then you imagine a piece of paper with the thought written on it. Scrunch it up in your mind and throw it onto a fire. You will have to do this a lot at first, but in time you train your mind to not let these thoughts dominate your consciousness. We have 75, 000 thoughts a day or so I am told, and so there are literally thousands that don't make it through to our consciousness. So the intrusive ones are a tiny minority.