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Intrusive thoughts regarding insertion of needles in unpleasant areas?



New member
Mar 11, 2019
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Hello there. I’ve had Pure OCD for the past three or four years, and the primary focus of my OCD has been a fear of loss, in particular, the fear of losing skills, knowledge or experiences that I’ve acquired by way of supersitious phenomena that my mind will manage to concoct to worry me. I’ve had years of ERP, and have shown overall improvement, although sometimes I find myself struggling extremely badly nonetheless. However, that’s not what this post is about, rather it’s about a new type of OCD thought that’s cropped up that I find quite out-of-character; these intrusive thoughts come in the form of brief images of something really painfully occurring that is always the insertion of needles in painful places (eyeball, penis, ugh I really don’t want to talk about it) and it’s clear to me that the only reason I’m having these thoughts that aren’t like the rest of my OCD is because my subconscious is becoming aware of the fact that I’m finally getting better., and perhaps out of a fear of such, is experimenting with new ways of harassing me to prevent me from reaching my final goal of getting better. It’s sort of like brain is going on red-alert mode and is just conjuring up random stuff in a frenzied effort to stop me. Anyways, my question is, how do I deal with these types of thoughts? They make me cringe and grimace on the inside and haven’t posed a major problem as of yet but I’m curious about how to deal with a thought of this variety. Thank you for your help.