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Intrusive thoughts coming back



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Mar 25, 2020
Regina Saskatchewan
I've used an SSRI for years to help depression and anxiety and it helped out a decent amount but it's stopped working. The SSRI made me not pay so much attention to the what of thoughts, like harming a loved one or animal or what of I lost my mind etc. I've tried a few other SSRIs but I'm having no luck with treatment for this.


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Jun 5, 2020
Hello, I'll quote here my post from th eother topis "Intrusive thoughts", There is possible that my experiences will interesting for you:

Hello, from my teenage years I had a lot of intrusive thoughts: these thoughts always was all about the topisc whose was at the current time the most important for me. 'Overimportant'.

For example If the God was the most important for me - I had the intrusive thoughts about blasphemy and sex associated to the cross.

If the loved person was the most important for me - I had the intrusive imagination about kill this person.

If the sexual pureness was the most important for me - I had thoughts about raping someone.

But interestingly, If the most important for me were the money... I had sometimes intrusive thoughts about give my money for someone who I hate.

Do you see any pattern in that? I see.
I could talking about this topic a lot, If you want, you can write to me.

Similar as you, I was afraid, that this intrusive thoughts will stay with me forever and destroy all my life, but It didn't happen. Now I am, (without any medications), almost total free from those thoughts.

What is my method to get rid them? - Just ignore them. When they are starting occuring, let's try instantly change the topic of your thoughts. Or let's find anything to do.

Another my method is, associate these intrusive imaginations woth something stupid or absurdal. For example you can associate the thought about blasphemy with the pink, flying toilet paper. If you'll repeat that association few times, you'll observe that that stupid association will always occuring with your intrusive thought :)

My mother who is extremely religious had those thoughts too. "

How do you thing about it?

In my opinion any SSRI don't helps permanently, because those thoughts are laso associated with emptyness in the mind and boringness in the life.