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Intrusive thoughts causing little movements. Advice?

Mr Oreo Bunny

Mr Oreo Bunny

Well-known member
Jun 24, 2020
Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of intrusive thoughts, but based on what I’ve read from others, they aren’t exactly normal? Mine are primarily fear/embarrassment based. I do get the occasional like, “what if you did this violent thing” or “you could technically do this awful crime right now” but mostly it’s like, me shouting a bad word in class or someone coming and stabbing my bunny to death. It’s super overwhelming, and I noticed I started to develop certain repetitive movements when those do come. It kind of depends on what I’m doing when the though occurs. When I’m sitting, I’ll generally scrunch my face up, shake my head, and jerk my shoulders inward. When I’m standing, i do the face thing, along with like stomping my foot, and repeatedly biting down/opening my mouth and teeth. It isn’t always those specific ones, but I kind of noticed a pattern I guess. It’s kind of like a reflex, I do it before thinking and no matter how hard I try NOT TO it doesn’t exactly work. It’s getting out of hand, and I think they were originally just to distract me from the thought, but I can’t stop them now and it’s getting scary. Anyone know what’s going on/experienced something similar?


Sep 28, 2020
Your mind is tuning into the mass consciousness the lower negative energy from all the people on earth . It will overpower anyone you have to regain your conscious awareness back . I do positive affirmations find on net . Also you have to seal your mind from neg stuff violent movies , games , substances .
soul searching

soul searching

Well-known member
Nov 5, 2020
Clearwater, Florida
I have and have had similar, though not as severe, reactions to my voice. I do the face scrunching or sometimes roll my eyes. The worst was when I was calling it names every time it did something. It became a habit. Then, when I tried to stop I couldn't. It even threatened me when I tried to stop. Right now my voice is a bit weaker than it used to be(long story, but it involved not listening to it or doing what it said). So, I tried to stop with the reactions and the name calling. It took a while, but it is better now. Hope things improve for you.
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