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Introductions... recently diagnosed with bipolar



May 19, 2019
Colorado USA
Hello everyone... like the title says, after 2 years of suffering and not knowing what was wrong with me I finally made an appointment to see a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with Bipolar 2.
My name is Jennifer I’m 21 yrs old in Colorado USA.
I thought a diagnosis would be scary but part of me feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders just knowing what’s going on with me and knowing I’m getting the help I need. I have so many questions that I couldn’t directly get answers from simple google searches so any advice, input, or encouraging words would be much appreciated.

My doctor is starting me on very low doses, and I have a med follow up in 2 weeks. So right now I’m starting on 25 mg of Sertraline and 25 mg of Lamictal. Any personal experiences with these medications would be great!

I also found that there’s a support group right down the street from my job, have these groups been helpful to any of you?

I feel so isolated and lonely, just posting on this forum or having a good support group with others with bipolar could be helpful.


Active member
May 18, 2019
Somewhere out there
hi jennifer! it’s very brave of you to get the help you need and i hope your journey gets better from there.

i’m new as well, and joined to help ease the loneliness too. wishing you the best, and perhaps i’ll see you around here!