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Introduction to me & mental health



New member
Aug 20, 2009
Dear Forum,

This is what I wrote in my blog, I thought I would share it and see if anyone wants to discuss anything.:hi:

After a long absence I am back. Sometimes you need a break, a rest and an absence before coming back to, stumbling upon or looking for that something in your life that was missing.

Self development is important to me, it has been ever since I left university and had discovered talking therapies. I discovered that there were people out there like me that also became depressed, stressed, anxious or had problems some or all of the time in varying degrees.

I discovered that for some there was help, support, assistance, drugs and situations where they could develop and hopefully improve.(y)

For others there was stigma, predudice, tactless, uncaring people and anything from a few days to a lifetime of hopeless-ness, despair and loneliness.:mad:

In the last 5 years part of my life has not changed. I still dont have a mortgage, can't drive, don't have a car and don't have a husband, children a pet, a stable job or 2 holidays a year.:(

But I have learnt about myself, people I meet, people I volunteer and work with. I have gained back some of my old confidence, learned about assertiveness anxiety management, self worth and how to connect. I have learnt a small amount about Mental Health and how the mental health system works, how the people in the industry act and how massive the stigma of mental health actually is.:unsure::)

You might have heard locally of CoolTan Arts in South London, about self help and counselling groups in your borough or about Mind and Time to Change nationally. They all have a few things in common;

* to encourage people talk about mental health
* to fight the stigma of mental health in society
* to help individuals deal with their problems using talking therapies, support, development and learning
* provide activities and events for people suffering from mental health distress and the overal public
* making people aware that 1 in 4 people will suffer from some kind of mental distress at some point in their lives

and most importantly in my opinion;

* showing people they are not alone and bringing them together.

How can I expect others to talk about mental distress and mental health and wellbeing if I am not prepared to talk about it too. I may not be ready to shout it from the rooftops in central London but I can dip a toe into the online world and say...

In my life I have suffered from mental health problems and so have 1/4 of my friends, family and collegues. I am a human being and I don't want to be stigmatised, I will talk, I will communicate and I will try to help others.

What will you do? What do you think?


New member
Dec 12, 2009

I've tried most medications and therapies but still continue to have severe anxiety/depression, i am currently suffering a breakdown and i have been on the verge and suffered many over the years, all i can think is meetings for people with mental health must help immensly but i am to anxious to go, i dont think there is a cure for people with severe anxiety!
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