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Internet shopping



Well-known member
Mar 9, 2019
I buy things and cannot get my head around how to return them, where to, where the cellotape is. I then keep things that are too big usually. I have a jacket that is too big and cost £135 and i am gutted but try to wear it anyway. It is only a week old but the whole returns thing is so stressful and complicated. I am going to try and return it and see. I always think they will turn around and say no, you damaged it, no refund.

Every time i sit down with a coffee, i turn on the computer and internet shop. I don't always buy but i often do once in the week. They are good things, good quality and needed. I have so much i thought i needed that i have no replaced with something better though. I regret so much of the things that i buy or end up with far more than i need.


Well-known member
Aug 1, 2014
Hi Muddleduck,

I don't do internet shopping. The only items i have purchased on line, and I already have a on my father's part, a pre account payment card, set up, and that's music, or fitness dvds, other than that I always shop in the stores and supermarkets, in person. Easier that way, and also, don't have to worry excess, about the security side of things connected to credit/debit card payments, I do in some cases pay by debit card, depending on, what I am getting, and how much it might cost.

Nice to meet you. Welcome aboard to MHF, even though I can note, you have been around on MHF, for quite a while.