Insobordination accusation against me



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Sep 20, 2016
Hi fellows, Last week I've been accused in the office that i made insubordination, but its true. What I didn't get is that the fault of messing around the whole system in my company was also messed up and they are pointing it against me.

Last Thursday, a fellow(a) office mate reported a bug in their system(which i'm still currently developing in an iteration manner), so i think of a best way to resolve the problem and i know where i can fix it. So i went to my computer asked from a another fellow(b) office which has the access to the server where i will publish the fix, but i know its bad to do it but for the sake of my system i'm eager to fix the problem right away. So i asked b to give me the access and he allows it to pass thru with the system. My only upload was a single server side file, which is a c# file that will handle the input from the user. So I uploaded the file and apparently, it works.

After lunch a had meeting on the same day, but within the meeting another fellow (c) which is my manager called me with an angry voice, telling me that the other system was malfunctioning. My system is within that system and we call it ICMS, within that is a training program - which i created for fellow a. From the anger of my boss I responded with a low tone that i only uploaded a file, a one file. After the call, i responded to resolve the problem and asked another fellow to help me solve it. Within my presentation I frequently monitor the system for any resolution but nothing happens until fellow(d) called me and stated that I'm the one who messed the system. To cut the story short, at the back of my head this fellow d messed up but keeps on pointing with me, due to the malfunctioned module was his creation. So i asked him fellow (d) to what is the modification time of the system, and he responded "My computer is running slow" and he repeated as i repeat the question. The reason that i asked him is because to check if i did something wrong with the files on the server due to the modification time is always system derived time and it will not change on any computer(or when you copy it to other computer you'll not seeing it changing like when you modified it now the time stamp will not change on the other end), with the respond of fellow d something isn't right with him. So I continue with the meeting.

Last Monday, i was called by the manager to file an incident report and i stated there what happened, but before my submission i was asked by a panel which consist of fellow d and another senior staff and I was asked if i did a publish, FYI, a publish is a mechanism from visual studio that you click a publish menu from the menu bar and the source file will publish, which is unlike what i did which is a copy paste(only a file).

I'm not very anxious but sometimes it messes with my day.


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Jul 23, 2014
Did you try turning it off and on again?

I suggest next time try a little bit of percussive adjustment
I.e Hit the side of the server with a hammer.