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Incest OCD and MDMA

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Valentina Blakemore

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Nov 27, 2019
Please help :(

I'm going to be taking MDMA soon for the first time but I fear I will feel love towards my brother. Lately I have obsessed that I have a crush on him and I can't even tell if it's real or not anymore. It's so so scary. I think that he is nice looking, which isn't totally weird for a family member to think (I hope!). But I always fear that I'd have a huge crush on him if he wasn't my brother. He's popular and stuff and girls like him a lot.

Basically, I fear that if I take the drug - which is known to emphasise love - I'll think of him intrusively and then feel loads of love towards him. And by love, I mean sexual love or romantic love or something you shouldn't feel towards a sibling! What do I do? I won't avoid taking the drug. I just don't want a bad trip.