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incapacity benefit changes



The government is going to introduce new and harsh changes to incapacity benefit from April 2010. Mind and other mental health charities have already voiced concerns over the changes.
The arbitrary and hit and miss diagnosis of mental illness may see many people forced onto Jobseeker's allowance without further help when these changes become active.
All claimants will be forced into a "work capability assessment" assuming that everyone will be able to communicate the full onslaught of mental illness upon their lives to those "adjudicating".
If you wish to protest at these measures then please contact your local mp by email or letter. There are conflicting reports about the changes but you can google most of the facts for yourself.
I'm hoping that a growing number of people will protest against these lazy and prejudicial proposals that fail to act on the real culprits of poor mental health care and practice in the NHS.


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Excellent post telemetry :).

Although really the fact is that what the Government is doing makes me :mad:.

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