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In need of some guidance



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Apr 11, 2008
Hello folks. 1st time...please be gentle

It is a bit of a strange one....a very strange one in fact, but something which is getting me down and I find quite disturbing. Basically for the last month or so I have been picturing everyone naked ( in work, out shoppin) and on the TV all the time to the point i dont want to watch it. I am a male heterosexual so picturing a man naked makes me feel quite sick...I can deal with the woman bit! ha. Seriously tho, i know its a bizarre one and one some will likely poke funnies at, but I really am quite disturbed by it. I dont know if i have always done this ( I probably have to an extent) and not paid much attention, but now im a very aware and it is very intense. There would certainly appear to be some disordered thinking there, but I dont know how to stop it other than taking myself off to a cabin for a year with no tv or people and hope it goes away :p

Please help....aby advice appreciated :)

Ps. I no this seems a bit of a joke, but i really am very disturbed by it and need help

Louise 28

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Mar 29, 2008

I'd recommend going straight to your Doctors and asking for an appointment.
But thats just my oppinion.


It would be a good idea to talk to your GP just to sit with someone face to face and talk would be good. Are you under some stress at the moment? I can't speak for anyone else but sometimes I notice thoughts that aren't quite appropriate more than others - I usually shove it down to stress and have a look at what's going on in my life.


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Jan 12, 2008
West Midlands
Hi Minus and:welcome: to MHF we are here 24/7, hope you will join in with the other forums too :)


Hello folks. 1st time...please be gentle

Please help....aby advice appreciated :)

Ps. I no this seems a bit of a joke, but i really am very disturbed by it and need help
Hi Minus,

This is a technique used in overcoming fear of people. You imagine them naked, in the bath with a rubber duck - something like that. As long as your not harming anyone I don't see the harm in it. I often imagine people naked, & I get allot of often bizarre thinking. I am a quiet, mellow, easy going guy on the whole, & as long as I don't act out on "thoughts" then there isn't really a problem. I try not to give too much power to my thoughts - all they are is thoughts. For a number of reasons I see the "problem" for me as being my thinking; & so I don't pay absolute attention to it. I know that may sound funny, but I detach as much as I can. Thinking is a tool, it is not reality, I cannot think my way out of any problem or situation & the answers are not in my head. I run things by other people allot, & apply my focus to other things.

A long time ago I really did think that the answer to everything lay in my mind, & I spent allot of effort trying to "think" my way into a better life. I no longer bother that much about the vagaries of my own often bizarre thinking.

I hope that helps.
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