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In hospital



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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
Just in case you have been wondering where I am; I've been in hospital for the past three weeks. I am still in but out on a 3 hour pass. I've been very manic. Was put on haloperidol 5 mgs three time a day and a prn of lorazepam. They also changed my seroquel to slow release - which seems to be helping a lot. My lithium level was .7 - my pdoc wants it nearer to 1 - so I am guessing it will be increased too soon.
Hoping I will get out in 3 weeks or so.


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Apr 24, 2008
Hope you are enjoying your pass, and it is good to hear the change in meds is helping. Hope the rest of your hospital stay helps as well. Take care of yourself.

quality factor

Hey Jax, hope your stay in hospital will be a short one for you.

Hope your meds get sorted and you stabilise soon.

Good luck!



I amthinking aboutyou jax hopethings areworkingoutforyou you seemto really gothrough themill take care lots of love x:hug::hug::hug::flowers:
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