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In A Dark Place



Jan 28, 2017
I have floated around with mental problems for many years now. Over the past 12 months I have been hospitalised numerous times for a variety of reasons associated with my mental troubles. I have long turned to gambling aswell not even out of being an addict but more as looking for a thrill to make me feel like I’m winning in life but that has always ended in more depression.

I sit here now awake at night and realise everything. I don’t have any friends whatsoever. I don’t have a job nor do I have a relationship or children or anything. My family is very small and due to many factors I have to see everyone individually as most of them don’t get along. Financially I don’t have anything and I’m just living for the sake of it.

This isn’t a temporary blip but rather something continuous that I never seem to be able to escape. I don’t expect anybody to read through a long winded post like this and I am also aware that no one can really do anything to help me. I guess I just wanted somewhere to express my feelings.

I do however recognise this forum to be a fantastic place where many people have found hope through others and all credit to those who spend their time helping others around here.

Mr Ploppy

Nov 1, 2018
You sound like me.

I’m not going to trade off problems. But things are just as bad round here, if not much worse.

If you’ve got to make the best of a bad situation you’ve got to do it.

Have people found hope through others?, it’s a good forum, where else do people in our situation(s) go?. Does anyone really help, it’s difficult to offer practical help, many peoples problems are embedded.

I have no hope, it was all lost years ago.

Stop your gambling, I just do a few £1 fun bets on Saturday football. Done the gambling thing in my 20’s it doesn’t work.

Just concentrate on the little things.

Do you know you can buy a PlayStation Vita for £50 off EBay and the games on the PlayStation store are less than £10, do you know you can get a kindle paperwhite for £20 secondhand and kindle unlimited books per month is only £7.99. Do you know you can get get sky sports on your mobile for £10.99 per month. Just little things.

I’m 49 years old, studied for 10 years after school, trained for 7 years and worked for 30 years and I bet I have no more than you to show for it.
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Oct 2, 2018
You still got yourself. And you have the humility to share your thoughts and problems here, which is good. You admit that you have problems. Others ignore such things and the possibility to change is remote when you lie to yourself.

But you are being honest and I think this is something you should appreciate about youself. It doesn't feel like it helps right now, but in a wider view I think it's a positive thing.

The need to be a winner in life will never get fulfilled. No matter how much we have, we will always want more anyway. Stop giving trying to be a winner because that is not the way to live. Accept that there is no winning or losing and everybody is a winner and a loser in the same time. Everybody has their shortcomings even if they apparentely don't look so. People usually deny or ignore their problems by acting as if there is nothing wrong.

But you are being honest here on the forum, and hopefully you are being honest with yourself too.

Wish you well.