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Important - Direction in life? - Let's make connections?



New member
Oct 16, 2019
United States
Hey everyone. This is my first post and I'm really scared, but well here it goes. I'm in my 20s, and well I felt that everything was going great in my life when I was younger, but somehow things kept changing. There were a few opportunities that I had to have like a decent or great job or even a good girlfriend, but I was too nice or a little shy or didn't realize that let others take those opportunities. Now I'm just really struggling, but don't know where to look for help or exactly what I'm supposed to do, so I decided to write something here.

I don't know how many people have experienced something similar to what I have experienced, or perhaps even somehow more difficult, but I remember a few years ago, I actually was in a very difficult job after high school, and I thought about also writing something here, but then always just got scared that I didn't and well here I am.

I've been thinking about what I should do, I considered getting like 3 jobs and just working really hard, and I was working at some point like 15 hours per day, but then I just decided to stop. I don't know if someone knows of a good opportunity or some idea, or has some good connections? I was able to chat with one person a little and I appreciate that, but I think perhaps if we truly are able to connect with each other more then everyone will feel more company, and even at some point be able to find the connections or people that we are supposed to meet to progress more? What do you think? Perhaps together we can make something happen and help each other.

It's very weird, I'm able to deliver speeches in front of a lot of people somehow, tell inspiring stories, but when it comes to a small group of people, everyone talking with each other, and I feel left out of the conversation. I say sometimes which is true, but then to be more honest I feel that it's almost always. Perhaps I'm a little dramatic, but then eventually I just feel like really discouraged, and well I just want to make a change in my life and in the life of others, and I don't know somehow I'm here.

I dream of one day having a nice house, a nice family, and perhaps even help others that also have similar dreams and keep helping others, and well, I was thinking that there had to be like thousands of members here or more? There perhaps is someone that we could be true friends and well together make good connections and even help more people. Let me know what you think, I'm again a little scared to write this, but it's an idea, and I'm thinking a lot about it before I press post thread, ok I'll just post it. P.S. I'll keep looking around, if I find something I'll let you know whoever reads this :)


Well-known member
Jan 26, 2020
Murrieta, CA
Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? Butterflies effecting the direction of the wind or the eastern saying: one grain of rice can tip the scale. Our lives make a difference in others in ways we never know. One doesn't really have to be world famous to make a difference, I have learned that. I hope you the best on your journey. :)